Ontario Grain Farmer

Rapid 3-4 meter seed drill Swift 4-8.7 meter tine cultivator Rexius Twin 4.5-10.3 meter furrow cultivator Tempo 4-18 rows planter (5 models) Rapid A 4-8 meter seed drill TopDown 3-9 meter combination cultivator Carrier 3-12.25 meter disc cultivator Rapid A 6-8 meter combi seed drill Opus 4-7 meter tine cultivator Carrier L/XL 4.25-12.25 meter disc cultivator Spirit 4-9 meter seed drill combi and seed only NZ Aggressive 5-10 meter tine harrow Carrier X 4.25-6.25 meter disc cultivator Spirit R 3 meter seed drill Cultus 3-4 meter tine cultivatior Rollex/Rexius 4.5-12.3 meter rollers If you want your fields to find their full potential, go to vaderstad.com Together with farmers all over the world, we have spent the last three generations creating machines that make any farmland reach its full potential. The high quality Väderstad planters, seed drills and tillage equipment give farmers a heads start by covering more ground in shorter time without losing perfection. Together we make you an even more successful farmer. Unit 9, 260 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N3C 4E8 T: 519 260 3322 / 1 844 778 3260 E: infoca@vaderstad.com @VaderstadCa Vaderstad @VaderstadCA