Ontario Grain Farmer

IMPROVE PUMP PERFORMANCE AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY Get automated pressure control and optimized savings with a pump kit. Subject to change without notice. Save on Energy is powered by the Independent Electricity System Operator and brought to you by Hydro One Networks Inc and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. TM Trademark of the Independent Electricity System Operator. Used under license. The Hydro One & Design trademark is owned by Hydro One Inc. “Partners in Powerful Communities” is an O cial Mark owned by Hydro One Networks Inc. The AgriPump Rebate Program is only available to customers in Hydro One and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc’s (NPEI) respective territories.CustomersmusthaveavalidFarmBusinessRegistration (FBR)number toparticipate inprogram. THE SOONER YOU UPGRADE, THE MORE YOU’LL SAVE Automatic pressure control Low maintenance costs Reduce pump wear and tear Up to 40% in energy savings TYPES OF PUMPS AVAILABLE In instant rebates $ 610 UP TO (0.5hp-10hp) 3 agripump.ca information@agripump.ca - - - Contact us, mention code: BARN TM