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SALFORD GROUP TILLAGE SEEDING APPLICATION EARLY ORDER PROGRAMISONNOW. PLACE YOUR ORDER INJUNE FOR THE BEST PRICING. NO INTEREST, FORUPTO6MONTHS NO PAYMENT FORUPTO1YEAR* *Terms and conditions apply. See dealer for details P ath F inder ST-10 APPLICATOR APPLY FAST, APPLY RIGHT BUILT FOR SOIL PRODUCTIVITY Output notes : RedGradient from top tobottom: TopRed : C:26 M:100Y:97K:25 BottonRed :C:0 M:100Y:100K:0 Black: C:75% M: 68%Y:67% K: 90% White :Thermal Transfer Trim: 6.64 in” x 2” #10016454 LegacyGD101 See our full line of products at salfordgroup.com Salford, Ontario Elie, Manitoba 1-866-442-1293 AERWAY TILLAGE & PASTURE MANAGEMENT BBI SPREADERS VALMAR APPLICATORS INDEPENDENT SERIES CONVENTIONAL TILLAGE COMMODITY CARTS AIR DRILLS & COVER CROP SEEDERS FERTI-GO PLANTER MOUNTED APPLICATOR SALFORD’S VALMAR & BBI APPLICATORS ARE ENGINEERED FOR SIMPLICITY, BUILT FOR DURABILITY & EQUIPPED FOR ACCURACY. Salford application tools are easier to run and set the standards for accuracy. Choose Salford’s stand alone spinner spreaders and air boom applicators or pair Salford application equipment like, the P ath F inder , F erti -G o and 56 S eries with your existing planters and tillage equipment. Whether you’re applying in the spring or fall, Salford applicators have a wide range of sizes to fit your operation and your budget. These dry applicators are designed for accurate, trouble free, application at high rates and high speeds to finish your work faster. Choose simple straight rate applicators or ISOBUS compatible models* with section control and variable rate capability. Connect with your existing ISOBUS compatible monitor to make the most of your precision investment and stick with systems you and your dealer know and trust. See the full line of Salford application tools at salfordgroup.com *ISOBUS compatible features may not be compatible with all virtual terminals. Some features may require a terminal unlock. Consult your dealer or contact Salford Group.